We have a passion for education.


Since 2009 we have been guiding youth to develop the best they have to give: academically, personally and to others. Education reaches far beyond the classroom and so do we. Canada culture exchanges, Cambodia volunteer work, local community participation. All in a dynamic English environment. SCI's goal remains in "Developing youth potential..."


The SCI Difference

Reading Seeds English

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Students enter a world of intensive and extended reading, discussion and writing skills via a broad reading curriculum. Our Reading Seeds levels progress students to achieve excellence in teamwork, presentations, writing and discussion. Students use our library, class and computer lab in a challenging environment. Readings Seeds is meaningful learning.


  • Reading Seeds Book Club.
  • Extensive library collection included.
  • Quality Oxford University Press readers collections.
  • SCI's Lexile based learning levels.

21st Century Skills

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Your child is entering a new era of lifelong education needs required to be successful in the world of work and society. SCI programs include the 21st Century Knowledge and Skills areas of the P21 framework. Relevant themes, learning & innovation skills, life & career skills, and digital literacy are included in SCI programs.


  • Learning English through relevant content themes. 
  • Strong emphasis on collaboration, leadership and creativity skills. 
  • Digital literacy skills of research, presentations, and technology tools.
  • Critical thinking & problem solving, interpersonal communication, and creativity & innovation skills are at the heart of being a lifelong learner.

Canada Trip!

Since 2011, SCI has been working with the YMCA of Southwestern Ontario in beautiful London, Canada. A university, college and medical research epicenter, London is known as "the forest city", less than 2 hours from Toronto. Students partner with Canadian youth for projects, travel, and daily activities. 2 major trips add to the excitement. Students take back memories for a lifetime.


  • World class 'Y' programs and culture exchange with Canadian youth.
  • The University of Western Ontario residence. 
  • Camp Queen Elizabeth - celebrating over 60 years!
  • Professional counselors, SCI chaperones, in a safe environment.
  • Limited to 10 children.

Language Friends

Be a community hero! Volunteer to teach welfare center children English, while gaining invaluable leadership, teamwork, and communication skills. Language Friends Youth (LFY) volunteers do amazing charity work, while the children recipients receive the respect and chances in life they deserve. SCI also partners with Language Friends in our Cambodia Education Project; qualified LFY students volunteer in Siem Reap Cambodia.


  • Program recognized by the NSS.
  • Youth volunteers receive points contribution. 
  • Rigorous, high standards of behavior, commitment and ethics.
  • Make new friends, socialize and develop interpersonal skills.
  • Cambodia Project & travel opportunities.