SCI's Canada Program is an unforgettable culture exchange experience with Canadian peers in an English immersion environment.

The Cambodia Project trains Korean volunteer leaders to teach locally and give globally.


Positive changes require positive actions.
— Ken McLeod, Project Leader

With a little effort from many, great things can happen to people in need. Thanks to the support of Language Friends volunteers and from Jeju citizens, great things are happening at Kok Chan Primary School.

Since we began our program in 2011, the SCI Cambodia Project has helped bring smiles to the faces of children, and positive education improvements to a school lacking the most basic of resources.


5,000 Won Club - Give Today!

Teach your kids the power of giving. Just 5,000 Won ($5 USD) per month brings clean water, safety, teacher support and education materials to our sponsorship school in Siem Reap Cambodia. Click here for program information. Sign up now by clicking below: