Saturday Library Club!

Introducing  a new way to read with SCI Reading Seeds!

We are busy adding our SCI library collection to the Goodreads database, so that students have a great interactive and visual way to choose, follow, comment and save all the great books they read. See the example below of our SCI Reading Seeds books.

Here's how it works:

  • Save all the great books you read in our SCI Library Club; online
  • Display the covers of your reading in your own personal blog
  • Participate in book discussions and reviews with  other class members

Kenneth's SCI Reading Seeds Senior

The Curse of Capistrano
White Fang
The Count of Monte Cristo
Sherlock Holmes - The Case of the Blue Diamond
The Call of the Wild
Mystery in Muscat
The Travels of Ibn Battuta
From the Heart
Leonardo Da Vinci
Life in Rainforests
Incredible Earth
A Christmas Carol
The Thirty-Nine Steps
The Secret Garden
The Real McCoy & Other Ghost Stories
The Phantom of the Opera
The Elephant Man
Sherlock Holmes: The Blue Diamond

Kenneth's favorite books »

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Book Collection Listening

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The News

Great reading helps make a great reader. Library club members read newspapers, report on articles and use online resources to enhance listening, vocabulary and comprehension skills. 

Our group uses a safe and fun student blog website called "Kidblog". All content is checked and approved by our SCI teachers before being posted, and comments are limited to classmates and approved parents/friends.  

Blogging is part our SCI's goal to improve students' digital literacy, teamwork, presentation skills and critical thinking under the 21st Century Skills paradigm. Go to our SCI Library Club Blog!