Finding Nemo

Welcome to our SCI Summer Program!




Scene 1 - We'll Name one nemo

Marlin (Nemo's father) and Coral (Nemo's mother) look at their eggs and want to choose names for the babies. Danger is coming!

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Scene 2 - WHen they know, you'll know

Marlin talks to Crush the seaturtle. He asks Crush how he knows when it is time for the babies to leave.


scene 3 - I promised him

Marlin feels bad that he can't save Nemo. What will he do?


scene 4 - everything's gonna be alright

Dory is a really good friend to Nemo. She tells him that things will be ok.


scene 5 - No one's ever stuck with me

Dory has never had a friend like Marlin. He stays with her and is a good friend.


scene 6 - i am not going to lose you again

Now that Marlin has found Nemo, he doesn't want to lose him again, but how will they save Dory?



Finding Nemo has many interesting and funny characters! Who is your favorite?