SCI Invests in education that matters: academic, personal, and the future of your child.

The 40 Assets

Search Institute

SCI Education integrates the 40 Developmental Assets from the Search Institute into our school environment. This is a system of support and guidance for young people to grow up in a healthy way.

External assets provide Support, Empowerment, Boundaries & Expectations, & Constructive Use of Time. 

Internal Assets engage children in their Commitment to Learning, Positive Values, Social Competencies, & Positive (self) Identity.

SCI Reading Seeds

21st Century Skills

Do children think?

Talented children still need to learn the skills related to thinking. Can your child think for him or herself? Problem solve? Make critical decisions, that result in the best outcomes?

Clear communication to others is an essential skill. Teamwork, collaboration and digital literacy are keys to success.

SCI Reading Seeds

Jeju Youth Volunteers

Volunteer Heroes

Jeju Youth Volunteers (JYV) reaches youth in the Jeju community that don't have the ability or means to study English or participate in group activities.

Trained middle and high school volunteers give their time and talent to welfare center children. Volunteers receive valuable, hard-earned experience and school credits. The children receive life changing care and language training.