School Report - 2014

We consider this year our best visit ever, with the quality of both Korean and Cambodian volunteers, the development of the teaching staff, and the delivery of aid. Even though we were under tighter budget restrictions this year, we were able to deliver effective aid to ensure the school has adequate resources for the school year. 

The SCI Cambodia program focuses on the following areas:

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  1. Education resources: teacher resources, student supplies (note/textbooks, writing supplies and library books).
  2. School infrastructure upgrades: school repairs, procurement of equipment (playground, office/class furniture etc.), and beautification.
  3. Health resources: potable water, health education, oral hygiene, and emergency treatment costs.


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Language Friends focuses on the following areas:

  1. Volunteer visiting program: an annual trip of Korean youth to deliver English programs and activities.
  2. Child sponsorship: aid to the most impoverished students, and a chance for volunteers to learn the importance of education for survival.
  3. Leadership training: a life-changing program for the participating youth; hard work, helping fight poverty, in a challenging team based environment.
  4. Culture exchange: participants meet Cambodian mentors, tour Siem Reap and learn the personal circumstances under which poverty occurs.

Kok Chan School Aid

The following was achieved this year (US$):

  • 14 bicycles - $532 Thanks in part to Haiku Death Battle proceeds!

  • door repairs - $20
  • notebook and school supplies (2000+ notebooks, 1000 pencils, 400 erasers, posters, and assorted accessories - $475 Thanks in part to Haiku Death Battle proceeds!
  • 14 fruit trees - mango, durian and meal - $200
  • 20 soccer, volleyball, basketball and other assorted balls - donated
  • 10 concrete benches for school courtyard - $200
  • 1000 toothbrushes - donated in Jeju, and dental clinic lesson - donated by Dr. Panhavuth
  • 14 (low income) students received student aid packages worth approximately $75 each - uniforms, school supplies, home aid package, bicycle, and special daytrip.
  • 5 day English education & activity program for all grades - Sponsored by SCI Education and LF Korea