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Indigo Level


Indigo level includes our introduction to the Reading Seeds English program. The emphasis for learners is to instill a love for reading, and to establish writing, discussion and digital literacy.

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Class Resources

Monthly Listening

Listening Album 1

Listening Album 2

Cool Listening Basic 3

Test Listening Page  Tests 1-18


듣고 받아써 보자  1 - Lesson 1 to 20

듣고 받아써 보자 2 - Lesson 21 to 40

듣고 받아써 보자 3 - Lesson 41 to 52


수준 주니어 리스닝

수준 주니어 리스닝 - Listening

Diary Writing


Indigo Level uses the Oxford Classic Tales and Oxford Read and Discover series of English books. Reading Seeds is  a unique program to learn English and important lifelong learning skills.